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About Kiwi Organics

Mike and Bridget Parker have set up their Kiwi Organics farming operation on land owned by the Parker Family for more than 50 years. The area, on the East Coast of New Zealand (1 hour north of Gisborne), is long established for farming and is bounded by areas of virgin native forest, mountain streams and prolific birdlife. Their farm ‘Broadlands’, is one of the oldest Organic farms in New Zealand and Mike has won NZ Organic Farmer of the Year.

All members of the Parker family are involved in the growing and processing of organic grain into the 100% pure New Zealand products proudly displayed in health shops and other stockists of organic products. Kiwi Organics maize products are also sold to some major Australian food manufacturers.

It was by sheer chance that Mike was sitting beside a man on a maize field-trip bus ride, that led this farm to milling and distributing its own products. The stranger’s phone went and the caller was a distraught baker desperate for gluten free and organic flour for his large bakery. It turned out that the stranger owned New Zealand’s largest conventional corn mill at that time! Within a year Kiwi Organics owned their specialist gluten-free and organic food grade mill and it remains the only one of its kind in Australasia.

The Kiwi Organics brand is highly regarded by companies requiring top quality corn products for discerning customers that care about their family’s health and wellbeing. These clients recognise the environmental benefits of supporting product that comes from a sustainable source.


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